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At the Journey...  We’re a gathering of people who are in process.

We have imperfect messy lives,

but we’re pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship

with Jesus and with each other.


Whatever your story, your questions,

doubts or struggles. We’re all about doing life together in community,

being intentional about our growth and serving one another

and our broader community as we go.


You’re welcome ... just as you are…

Your thoughts are welcome,  your doubts are welcome,

we’re all in it together,  seeking authenticity in our lives,

engaging with questions of faith and meaning,

and exploring how to be followers of Jesus in our culture.

God is here, ready to connect with you in a fresh way.


Pastor Dave's Interview on WDCX Lifeline -
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Pastors' David & Kathy Stephenson
Our Community
Our Community

Always a love for the Lord, always a passion for community and making Jesus smile!

We are a gathering of The Free Methodist Church in Canada

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